Junlin Edge Beveler

$82.00 USD


The gentle curve that runs along the entire geometry of the beveler was intricately designed to minimise discomfort and fatigue with extended usage. You will also discover a heightened sense of agility and manoeuvrability.  

Beveler Blade

Japanese VG10 cutlery stainless steel, vacuum heat treated to 61 HRC. The material and treatment selection of the blade was thoroughly analyzed to achieve what I personally regard to be the optimal balance for this application.

With its high hardness, comes the benefit of good edge retention, this is complimented by VG10's ease of honing and sharpening. For these reasons, these edge beveler triumph over the ones made from common high speed steel and tool steel. 


The Cocobolo handle and Brass ferrule is carved with a high precision CNC machine, then further hand shaped and finished. The geometry of the ferrule is accentuated with its hand scraped deep satin finish, that will patina gracefully with use. 

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